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Nasr city, Heliopolis, Mohandeseen, 5th settlement.

At Bridge Dental Centers

Our specialized dentists hold to the highest standards of sterilization procedures to protect the health and safety of their patients and staff.
When we talk about Dental hygiene, it’s not only about how you take care of your teeth. It’s also about the steps we take to ensure you have a clean and sterile environment. At Bridge Dental Centers we want to ensure you have the best possible experience every time you walk through our doors. You can be assured that everything from the water lines to the instruments used in your treatment is thoroughly sterilized for your safety and protection. Our sincerity to your well being means that we use only sterile equipments as we work on your teeth.

At Bridge Dental Centers

We use disposable items, clean and filtered drinking water for rinsing in between treatment procedures for safety.

we use many disposal dental materials such as gloves, masks, wipes, suction/water tube tips, needles, and scalpel blades, they are opened in front of you and used only once and then disposed off immediately after treatment. Using disposable items is another way we are able to maintain a clean and safe clinic. You get clean and filtered drinking water for rinsing in between treatment procedures for safety.
The general cleanliness of the centers is of equal importance to us, especially surfaces such as countertops, chairs, pieces of equipment are sprayed and cleaned with surface disinfectants to kill all bacteria and viruses. We also have a sterilization supervisor who makes sure every piece of equipment and surface you come in contact with really is clean.
Contact us today and let’s begin the journey of improving your dental health. Bridge Dental Centers want to ensure you are in a clean environment and receiving the best possible care at the same time.

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